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You must upload the original version of your work with subtitles in English or in Italian
Video Specifications File extension - Mp4 Codec - H.264 Frame rate - 25 FPS Data speed - 2500 Kbps Resolution - 1080p / 720p Pixel aspect ratio - 1:1 Audio specifications - AAC Sample rate - 44.1 kHz Maximum size - 4 GB
Then you can upload trailers inserted in box Trailers film’s title
Sending an email to info(at) which specifies:
1. the price of each work
2. the areas to be blocked (Geoblock*).
*The Site is accessible from anywhere in the World. However geographical restrictions might limit your access to the Films in conformity with the restrictions imposed by the Film’s rights holders.
Within 48 hours, your film will be approved and published online
Now use your account
You can view: statistics report, revenue 70%, comments
The licensee will notify the licensor of his sum obtained at the end of each calendar year or per semester and will pay the licensor the amount due to him within seven days of notification
Second Step
Share your film
Start by making a lists of potential audience: Family, Friends, Personal contact and don’t forget your Cast and Crew. Once you have you list ready share your film page on your Social network like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin.
Creates events to promote the vision of your streaming film
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